Award Winning Appliance Repair in Union City

I found a local appliance repair company near Union City. The company is a really good one. They explained to me how they fix all the major brands you would come to expect such as maytag, whirlpool, viking, kenmore, etc. The only name brand they mentioned they dont service is Miele not sure why but I guess that is their only kryptonite. I asked why that is and I think it had something to do with how difficult the parts are to order. Right away I knew these were the right guys for the job when it’s for appliance repair union city. The fact that they are willing to turn down service is a big deal, let me explain. Most appliance business who specialize in fixing appliance will do this. They come to your house, they don’t bother asking what type of appliance you have. They sure don’t ask what is your model number. They simply don’t care if they have the part or not. When they arrive you are trapped into paying them and then to top it off you are forced to sit and wait 1 to 3 weeks on a part. With these guys out in Union City it is the exact opposite. They will ask for your make and model and try to get the part ready for you in their truck. So when they come to your home to fix your appliance they can have it up and running asap. That’s why I say these guys are the best for any type of appliance including washers, dryers, fridges, ovens and more.

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