Happy With Top Shelf Appliance in Federal Way

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Top Shelf Appliance Repair company was able to save me from a lot of embarrassment. Last year my husband and I bought a small little home. We had just gotten married and it seemed to be the perfect fit for he and I. We got a lot of grief from my mother-in-law, because she wanted us to move to a newer house that was located closer to her. She told us that she would help us with the down payment and everything, but my husband and I decided that we were going to stick with our decision. Unfortunately we had a lot of problems with our little house at first. We had to get a few things fixed that we were not expecting, but we were still happy with our investment.

I was excited last month because we were going to invite our in-laws over for a very nice dinner. It was going to be the first time that I had them over for dinner, so it was really important for me to have things just right. I was going to be making a huge turkey dinner. Two days before I was going to have them over our refrigerator stopped working, and I could not believe it. I was glad that I only bought the turkey, and that it was frozen. I still was worried about getting the fridge fixed in time. I looked on the internet and I found Top Shelf Appliance Repair. I decided to call them since they are a appliance repair Federal Way Washington company. They were able to come out and do an estimate the same day. After they did the estimate, they fixed the refrigerator in less than 2 hours.

Top Shelf Appliance really saved the day for me and my dinner. I was able to make a great turkey dinner, and my mother-in-law was very impressed with my cooking and our home. I know that if my fridge would have been out, it would have been a nightmare to make dinner. I am so happy that I have a local and reliable company that I can trust to fix my appliances.

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